Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby Talk

Master Asa Burleson has been talking for a while now. Ok, he seemed to talk straight out of the womb, but he has some actual coherent words at this point. Yay! The list seems to grow everyday. He has some very clear words but also has those "what's that mommy?" point, to which I tell him, he repeats, sometimes VERY clearly and then never says it again words.

So here is a list of official Asa words, starting with words he's been saying for a couple months until recently. It seems the past few weeks a new words pops up everyday, so I may not remember them all.

Clear words:

Bubba- This may have actually been his first "without a doubt" word.
Dadda- In the beginning this word followed the sound of daddy unlocking the door upon his arrival home from work. Asa, sometimes overwhelmed with excitement, would freeze, then spin, not knowing quite what to do with himself and then run to the door clapping and repeating dadadadadadada... over and over. Note: I never received any similar greetings of excitement. Chop liver I tell ya.
Hi, Bye or Buh bye- All greetings, coming and going are accompanied with a hand wave.
Up pssss or Up Prrssss- He is actually saying Up Please. Something I felt was time for him to learn, sparked by my annoyance of him whining about me lifting him onto the couch, which, in his defense is too high for him to climb onto. However, this phrase is now used for anything he wants. I can't seem to break him of the "Up" and just say please.
Nana- Banana. Apparently his drug of choice, it's all about the nana's.
Mamma's- This is said while pointing at various objects that I have instilled in his brain as do not touch items because, they are, "Mamma's!" This includes my cereal, tea cup, camera and cel phone. Rarely does he refer to me as Momma, except the occasional times that he points at me and says "Momma" in a way to let me know who I am, just in case I had forgotten.
Dadda's- Again used to show us what we already know belongs to the person. Expect for the one morning Asa and I argued over the remote. "Dadda's." He said pointing at it. "Mamma's too." I replied. "Dadda's." He insisted. "And mamma's." I responded. "Dadda's" he kept saying, ignoring my argument that I too have rights to the remote. "Fine." I said giving up "But I can use it too!" And just like his father, he walked away getting in the last word... "Dadda's."
Eye- This seems to be his favorite word and I really don't know what the appeal is? I'm guessing his own knowledge as he is always proud to show you were an eye is located. Just a heads up though, this word can come out of the blue and is often followed by a quick sharp jab. So one must be paying attention to Asa's vocals while in poking range or just have really good reflexes. He is getting slightly better at restraining himself from the full on pokes but our efforts at reminding him are never ending.
Hat- Daddy wears one and thus Asa is always happy to wear one too, often stealing daddy's.
Ht, hat or het- Hot. Very similar to hat and usually needs to be taken into context. IE... said while pointing at my tea "Mamma's, ht." or when given a plate of food.
Cado- Avocado. The first night saying this he actually picked up on the syllables, but quickly decided cado was much more efficient. He, by the way, LOVES them!
Boon- Moon, no idea why he can say momma but can't grasp the "mmm" sound for this one??
Ba- Bath. This past week he's let us know he wants one as soon as he is finished dinner and hands us his plate. Yes he hands us his plate when he is all done, good kid, but again one must be paying attention as it comes towards you, he's definitely keeping my reflexes fine tuned.
Ogi- Oliver. Usually said when he picks up Oli's medicine syringe, that he knows he's not supposed to touch so when caught he says "Ogi" and quickly puts it down. When Oliver and Bubba are out playing, he refers to both as Bubba.
Cob- Jacob. There is a picture of Jacob on my desk that he likes and points to often.
Ah-nah- No. Usually said while shaking his head and walking away from you. If you insist on whatever it is he disagrees with, it will escalate in volume and tears will ensue. If you just stand still and quietly wait it out, repeating yourself softly he will in fact end up walking back towards you and surrender with both arms in the air. This usually takes less than a minute, thankfully. For now.
Ah-den- All done. More often than not this is said while raising his hands to his shoulders in a shrug like motion.

On that note, I think my list, at least for now is, ah-den! He does have many other non coherent words that we can only identify because he is pointing at an object. Unfortunately for him, no matter how much he repeats himself, there are many times I am left staring blankly and telling him that I have no idea what he is saying so maybe he should just show me. Thankfully his understanding of what I am saying is very well understood. He just doesn't always care, nor agree.


Miss M! said...

Dude. If my kid ever meets your kid, it's really gonna mess with your kid's head when he hears what we call my kid.