Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone is having a great day.

Jeff, Asa and myself went to Los Gatos to scoot out locations for a maternity shoot I will be doing on Monday. Jeff surprised us with a trip to a delicious gelato place, and then we walked the main street. I took some pictures along the way. It wasn't until we were about to turn around that we realized Rowan had not accompanied us the whole trip. So instead of heading back a different way we backtracked our steps in hopes we would find him. As it turns out, Jeff has his camera set to continue snapping even when the card is full. Needless to say the cute shots of Asa peeking back at me over Jeff's shoulder and the "Oh look, there's Rowan hung up on the iron fence waiting for us." don't actually exist. *Grumble, grumble* He even started to give me a lecture about emptying my card, but in my defense 1. I han't really planned on taking many shots and 2. I swear his camera read that I had 460 available?? Oh well, I did get a few cute pictures and best of all I think I found some very cool locations so it was a trip well worth it!

Here's my little man walking with dad. He still won't cooperate with the camera and so I do the best I can. I played with some actions and texture on these.

Let me just add that this kid seems to draw so much attention. People in cafe windows and on the sidewalk would talk to him or wave. We would hear giggles, and hellos and "Oh, he is so cute." A group of little girls went crazy when we passed them, it was so funny! I'm sure it must happen with all kids but it still surprises me how much attention babies get from strangers.

This year Asa and I made Daddy's Valentines Day card. I knew I wanted to try doing hand prints with him, but truthfully I hadn't thought ahead as to what I would actually do with the hand prints! So the card itself has no rhyme nor reason but I sure had fun making it. Gosh it feels good to explore my stash and pull out and use product that is old yet beautiful! Besides industry "old" and reality "old" are two very different time lines and I have so much cool old stuff that I can't wait to use!

I also discovered Asa would much rather use a paint brush then his fingers, don't blame him, and he loves painting. I made the center heart from some painted cardstock he did. Unfortunately he got lazy and I had to make the rest of the card. Personally I'm not buying the I don't know how to sew bit, he just didn't want to. Whatever.

Here he is showing off his card in front of a cool viney wall we found in an alley on our journey.

Lastly, I decided to make Asa and Jeff's valentines match this card since I already had everything out. The small one is Asa's and the bigger is Jeff's. I think it was smart planning on my part, may have most of an upcoming layout already complete. *Wink, wink.*

Oh and the shots of Asa and mommy don't actually exist either, even though we did pose and smile for them. Few shots of us together actually exist and I'm starting to think it's a conspiracy. Ha!


Anonymous said...

very nice cards. I miss Asa, love mom AKA Gramma

Genevieve said...

I'm totally stealing this idea for next year's Valentine's Day! Such a cute card!