Monday, February 16, 2009

Sometimes People Forget

There is a living human being beyond your computer screen. This particular personal blog belongs to one!

I am someone who laughs and cries.
I have lived 31 years of my life with a crippling chronic illness and not let it win.
I have an amazing husband who loves and supports me.
I have a 1 1/2 year old who makes my heart sing every day!
I have a new life growing inside me.
I have been blessed with creative talents regardless of what some opinions may be and they have lead me down a path of hope that I too can be successful and have a job and not give in to my disability.
I have made some amazing and close friends because others believed in my creative abilities.
I have had over 22 surgeries from head to toe, literally.
I will make it happen, whatever my goals may be.
I always do my best to never hurt others.
I will try to brush others negativity away but it can still hurt.
I fear the world of hate my children will grow up in.
I will teach my children kindness and respect of others.

I love with all my heart.


Andrea Halsey said...

Girl you are not just a person but an amazing one at that! To hear that you have overcome such tribulation I know you can handle this little blog thing posted with spiteful and vindictive intentions. It is painfully obvious what that blog was about and know that none of us "out there" are judging you -- please don't let it get you down at all! Any caring human being will recognize another, that is all I will say about that!

Zee said...

Thank you so much Andrea. And can I just add to anyone reading this comment to check out her site!
You are a true inspiration and one of my very favorite photographers!!

I feel honored to have you post a giddy little kid...hehehe.

Miss M! said...

Go to YouTube, and do a search for "Katt Williams" and "haters."

You will not be sorry. :)

Carol said...

I am shocked at such meaness!!We've never met, but I am proud of how you've handled this, with grace and dignity! You have just as much right to pursue your dreams as anyone else!
Good luck with your new little man! He is beautful!!

Patti Brown said...

Congratulations on your upcoming arrivals! I love this post - great job! :) Hugs, PB

Melissa W. said...

People can be cruel. Don't worry about what others think, especially people who won't even use their real names because of all the hate they spew. They're jealous of your successes and are trying to tear you down to make themselves feel better.

You obviously have not let them win. Kudos to you for that! :)

Tiffany said...

Excellent post! I know it's hard to not let things like that bother you! I haven't ever been targeted quite like that, but a lot of those comments were very hurtful. :( I think you are an amazing person who has overcome a ton to be the person you are today.

Susanne P. said...

i just saw this post. i am glad i got to talk to you but wished i would have been able to see this and comment. sorry.

i have never met a stronger person than you. you are truly my hero. for someone to try to tear you down like that comes from pure jealousy. she has no idea what you are doing with your talent or what you have done. she talking out of her ass.

what you have posted here is what you need to reread whenever you feel the hurt that some random idiot is trying to throw on you.

i love you.