Monday, February 23, 2009

Good News All Around!

So last week I failed the 1 hour glucose test. Boo! This meant that I spent Saturday morning at the lab for the notorious three hour fasting test. No food after 11:30 pm the night before and then at 8am you are given a wonderful bottle of what tastes like Sprite syrup. Yummy the first sip and then gag worthy the next. I chugged it, then went and waited for the second of 4 blood draws in total(the first taken prior to the drink). Needless to say I passed with flying colors. At least that is what I believe the emailed results to me are saying as I have no training in reading that stuff, but the number is clearly lower than the normal range number given. Yay!

Last Thursday I had my first maternity/family shoot and I have to say it went really well. It wasn't easy as the the little boy did not want to look at the camera(reminded me of my own kid) but he would smile and laugh. I am so used to shooting one- two subjects so families are harder. Not to mention I am saving for a zoom lens so shoots with numerous people will be much easier than with the 50mm, which I love with all my heart. So why share all this? For a few reasons, actually. For a mom who owns a digital camera and instantly believes this now makes me a pro, *insert sarcastic tone and snicker* I think I did a pretty good job! Not only that but I have a few great shots to add to my website portfolio!

I have yet to post any paid shoot images on this blog. The main reason is my intent to have a photo blog for client sneak peeks. However this will most likely be my last shoot until after our (still nameless) baby boy is born and I just can't justify putting the time into creating one right now when there are other things on my to-do list. I do however want to share a few, so here ya go, some of my personal favorites so far:

I had a lot of fun trying new poses and locations and they are such a great family and made it all so easy. Thanks guys!

Now the last good news...hehehe, despite one individual's negative review of my photography skills, I have actually had client inquiries from my website thanks to her free publicity! I was so excited to receive shoot requests! Unfortunately I had to turn one lady down as she lived too far away but another lady wants to schedule with me down the road. I have to say, for not advertising one iota nor putting much energy into getting new clients I seem to be doing ok so far, at least in terms of practice and portfolio building. I can't wait until things settle down after the baby is born and I can actually put some focus on starting down the professional photography career path!


Rebecca said...

great th eones with the little shoes and the cute...lucky you with the glusose test...up here it doesn't taste like sprite it tastes like orange crush gone off...yuk!!!...but you think..yipee!!

Zee said...


The one hour is the orange drink, guess the 3 hour is special. :)

Devon said...

OMG that last pic is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Good to hear about some client inquiries, I think that's great!!

Anonymous said...

I too like the one with the shoes. How cute are they! You are talented girl!