Wednesday, February 18, 2009


For the most part, what happened on Monday has passed. I said what I wanted over there and left it at that. Then, for some reason I awoke this morning with a thought in my head. In the paragraph that this anonymous "mediagirl" chose to write about me, she seemed to do a good job at putting a nice spin on the truth to try and make her point. (But isn't that typical of the media?...Haha) This leads me to believe it is someone who "knows" me, has followed my scrapbooking career and has a personal vendetta. So why do I believe this? To myself there are a few obvious reasons.

First her intentional down play of my SB accomplishments to simply being a few layouts published in magazines. You would have to do extensive searches to find that I have been published as it's really at the bottom of my list of work in the SB community, not to mention, it's been years. And while one was trying to find out if I had been published in a scrapbook magazine, you will come across dozens of info(like on this blog) and sites leading you first, to everything else from the companies I've worked for and conventions I've taught at. And yes, I have Googled myself, both married and maiden names haha. My point here is to show the obvious and intentional lack of info on her part in an attempt to discredit me.

The second reason I believe she "knows" me is her linking to my personal blog and not my website. Was she not trying to point out that I am now claiming to be a "professional photographer"? What better way to achieve that then link to my site with gallery? Again, an obvious answer. By linking my personal blog which has no images from any of my paid shoots and mostly just snap shots of Asa,(many on the first few pages with me griping about the crappy image quality of my new camera) she knew people would do a quick scroll to verify her opinions and leave it at that. No one coming from a "smack" blog will actually read the contents of a link. By linking to my actual photo site it would show that I am simply portfolio building, personally I think there are some decent shots there, and that I have never actually claimed to now be a full on pro running a photography business. I have simply made it known that I am working at changing career paths.

Last she implies that I have no camera or photography knowledge, that I now own a digital and thus believe I am a pro. LOL. Yet again one of the first google links that comes up is my membership to a photography site since 2002(long before I started working in the SB industry). And not that I feel the need to defend my credentials here, but I was shooting full manual way back then on a film camera! Uh ya, and there's a bunch of posts here from a photo course I took last summer.

So why else would she pick myself to try and publicly humiliate? I have not been active in the SB community for over a year. By this I mean I don't post on any forums or in galleries(except that one moment of weakness on the 2p's photo forum). UGH! Besides, she did have one thing correct, many scrapbookers have decided to become professional photographers, and these ladies make it known. I however, have only mentioned my intentions here, on my personal blog and let's face it, on average it's just viewed by a few friends and family members(so I thought). *wink* Except of course the over 400 hits since Monday. Hehehe.

It must be a pretty sad existence to live your life searching for people to hurt and holding onto such jealous and hateful thoughts in your heart. I'll never know why she chose me, nor will I speculate. She has her pathetic reasons and it will soon be forgotten by most.

Now before I too move on and leave this in the past, she had brought something else up, that actually made me laugh as I had been planning on posting about it here. As my regulars have probably noticed, I have been playing around with with various image markings and have yet to decide on one I like. In fact I don't know if I am settled on any that I have done so far and have even been debating going with more of a framed look like Angela Cardas has. I have done some with a transparent band across, a recommendation from various pros to make it hard for people to steal and clone off. Or the name and logo, as shown on the next page when you click older posts. Then there is just the bug, which I like but think it may really need to have a name there somewhere. I would love any input or suggestions. I plan on starting a photo blog for LGBP so clients can get a sneak peek and I really need to make a decision soon!


Erika said...

Sorry that you were treated so poorly by someone not brave enough to stand up for themselves. Good for you for rising above it and best of luck with your photography.

Anonymous said...

If anyone was truly following your blogs they would know what a brave, smart talented woman you are. They would know that you wouldnt hurt a flee and they would know that your talent goes beyond a simple scrapper or photogragher. They would know you are a compassionate person and a wonderful mother and daughter and wife.Your photos are amazing and you dont deserve to be treated like that.You have risen above health problems and not let it get you down.
You became well known and loved by fellow scrappers.
This person is not well informed and ignorant of your talent. Dont let one idiotic person bother you. Karma will get her!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

Oh Danea - oh my!!! Clearly this person has NO IDEA who you are...and for some unknown reason strives on being cruel and nasty...which really comes down to jealousy. Karma is a bitch...what goes around comes around!!! I love your photos and creations alike. You are truely one remarkable person!!!

Zee said...

Thanks for all your posts, even if anonymous..hehe.

I think you may be correct Renee. In retrospect my theory requires much more intelligence then this anon' smack poster appears to have.


Anonymous said...

I'll always be a fan regardless of what other anonymous bloggers write!

Jen said...

I was just randomly looking through blogs (why is it that it's the smack blogs that have to show up at the top of a random search) and I came across the one that decided to target you. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your work! I enjoyed looking at the few pictures you have up here (even if they are only "snap shots" I'm still impressed, lol - and a little jealous, lol). And wow - you got some great 3D shots of the newest addition to your family!

Anyhoo, lol -- I'm done chatting on your blog, lol. I don't normally comment blogs - but I just felt like what happened to you was just wrong! BEST WISHES!!!! XOXO :D