Friday, February 27, 2009

Morning Chuckle

Everyday I get a kick out of how much more Asa seems to understand and he, without a doubt, has become much more entertaining.

This morning after he finished his breakfast, he refused to say "Up please." when he was all done eating. We probably should have taught him "Down please." Guess we never thought that through, but I digress. He was refusing to use his manners and instead chose to bang his hands on the tray, make loud squawking bird like noises and anything else you can image a 1.5 year old to do. He wasn't having a tantrum, just being silly and difficult. I kept asking him "What do you say when you are all finished?" This did not work. "Where did your manners go?" Still not the response I had been hoping for.

Finally, after a few minutes of pretending like I didn't know what he wanted, I ask him again "Where did your manners go, are they hiding?" I lifted my arm and asked "Are they under your arm?" He paused a moment and looked at me. Then he grabbed the cuff of his sleeved and pulled it open wide. "Oh." I said walking towards him, "They're in your sleeve? Let me see." I looked in his sleeve, reached in as though to grab something and then patted his head. "There ya go. Now what do you say?"

"Peeeeeeeeesssssssss" he responded with a smile.


Devon said...

That's hilarious!! They are at such a fun age!!

Outnumbered said...

that is a great story! i love it. he is too cute!

Zee said...

Yup, and what was surprising was that I can't help but wonder if he actually understands what "manners" are. (At least the please part, we're working on thank you and excuse me. This kid now finds gas very amusing!)But I was more surprised that my "finding" his manners actually worked. Guess he's no dummy. But then again it may have just been a crazy co-inky-dink. ;)

Susanne P. said...

i lub' him. now he thinks he can just show you his pit when he doesn't want to speak but wants to use his manners. lol

i bet he knows more than you think. he is your kid and you are pretty freakin' smart girlie. totally being serious here.

this story is the perfect example of why it's a great thing that you started to blog again. getting the story recorded. (bring on my ali edward's voice).