Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thoughts of the day...

I feel surprisingly good despite all the bad news of the past few weeks.

I think I actually feel some relief regarding Ollie. All the worry of the past 5-6 months is gone.

When the lady at the yarn store saw Asa and I walk in this morning she said with a snicker "Looks like mommy will be busy picking up a lot of yarn today." I responded "Actually he's really good with looking and not touching." Thinking as the words came out of my mouth, please don't let this be the time he proves me wrong. Nope, he was an fantastic even when left at the kids table to color. He even put all the crayons back in the cup without me asking, what a proud momma I am.

Call me crazy but I think it's cute when Asa runs around the house with his little orange gun making little cccr, crr, cccrr noises as he shoots things. And daddy has already taught him not to point it a people. But then again, I'm no longer afraid of guns and know that people kill people not guns.

It's surprising how much dust came off the sofa cushion were Jeff sits when Asa banged it with the rod of a dangley cat toy.

I found this picture in some files and it made me chuckle.

I wish Sara would turn her dang phone on already!

Yay, Jeff brought home cupcakes AND a cake. I've been having some serious cravings. Good husband.

I am so disappointed that a local kids store stopped selling this Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm. This is the best stuff ever!!! Now I have to find a new source. Grrr.

My scraproom desperately needs to be cleaned if it's going to be a make shift nursery in about 6 weeks. Ugh!

Crap this means we need to get the nursery closet cleaned out and shelves built for baby #2's clothes.

We may actually be close to choosing a name for #2. Hehehe.

There's nothing like a 1.5 year old volunteering kiss after kiss with bonus hugs and making a Mmwuah! sound each time his lips meet yours.

I think baby may be head up again?

I guess I better go start some dinner, but what I really feel like doing is tackling some of this mess. How weird is that!?

I received an email from Charlotte and she liked the pictures so much she wants to book a newborn shoot...if I'm up to it at the time. I sure hope I am!


Devon said...

That's awesome she wants to book another shoot!! Yay!!

And how come you never call me!!

Asa is such a good boy! I'm sure that lady sees tons of terrors but not many like Asa.

Can't wait to hear the baby's name!!

You'll get everything with your room worked out, I have faith in you!! Next time I'm down I can come over and help if you would like!

Zee said...

Unfortunately, you are not the only one I haven't called. Ugh! I just had a friend call who left me a message over a week ago. I was calling Sara because I need to speak with her about a baby cocoon she was thinking of making me and that the bum bum balm would be payment, BUT they don't carry it anymore. So don't feel bad, I've been neglecting all my friends... not just you. LOL.

Miss M! said...

Oops - phone died yesterday and I plugged it in this morning, but I guess I forgot to turn it on. I suck. I'm going to turn it on RIGHT NOW.

I love that photo.

I'm glad Jeff was able to score some cupcakes.

I can't believe they stopped carrying the balm! BLAH! It IS the best stuff ever.

Did you find any yarn?

Susanne P. said...

i can't wait to see the cocoon. what color?

we should have actually cleaned that room when i was there. why do we always neglect the reasons why i came down there for??

i got phone calls so there! i am special i guess. in a slow kind of way. heh heh

is that jeff's belly or a balloon?

and, you must be sending baby cravings my way because i have been wanting cupcakes all the time. the cheap one. we got some at safeway around valentines day and the frosting was so "gourmet" that it was incredibly thick that it was just too rich. even when you scraped off half of it.

Devon said...

Danea I'll look into if I can find that stuff up here somewhere, because I love it too!

Big Belly DH said...

Really Susanne? You sure know how to make a guy feel comfortable with his body! Thankfully it is a balloon! You'd think I was hot anyways. lol

Rebecca said...

mmmmmm....cupcakes....i just made some with the kids today only to find out i have gestational diabetes again...surprise i ate 2 what's one day not following the't wait to hear the babes name....

Susanne P. said... i feel bad. jeff's belly didn't really look that bad until his comment and i went back and looked at the pic.

i am sorry jeff. guys with balloons under their shirts are hot! i promise! lol