Friday, August 14, 2009

Two, Texas & Time

Wow, am I slackin' with this blog! Having two wee ones sure sucks up time! Things seem to be getting into a better groove around here so I am hoping to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. I am also working on a photography blog so look for that coming soon. It will have sneak peeks of client photos, specials etc. Yay!

I took the boys to Texas for a couple weeks while daddy stayed home and worked. It was a great and yet somewhat stressful trip. I love that we got to spend time with both my brother/sister in laws and we got to meet Ian for the first time. He's Asa and Odin's 15 month old cousin, and Asa adored him! They were staying with mom and dad until they could move into their house, so we were one big happy family. Unfortunately Asa got home sick for daddy, picked up some bad habits and virtually became a child that at times I didn't even recognize. He had tantrums and crying fits, regressed to expressing his wants with grunts, whines, crying and other noises. We never allowed that pointing with grunting and whining -as Jeff calls it "monkey noises" with Asa. If he wanted something he could point and nod and we would help him figure out what he was telling us, he learned "peess" (please) around 1 year. Crying "tantrums" are also unacceptable so this was beyond normal for him. These were a couple of monkey see monkey dos that drove me nuts. Thankfully his last attempt at using this way of expressing his wants was at the airport and after a stern reminder that it was not acceptable, he has not done it since. Thank goodness!

He did however have a few night time melt downs. They started two nights before coming home. He slept in a big boy bed the whole trip and I was so proud of him. The last two nights, knowing he was so home sick, my heart broke seeing him that sad, so I laid in bed with him until he fell asleep. Maybe not such a good idea? The morning after we got home, Jeff found him straddling the side of his crib and stuck in that position. I feared the head plant straight down fall. He can climb, but my child- bless his heart- is not very graceful. Quite clumsy really. I've witnessed him fall while just standing still! So we went that day and bought him a twin bed. It took a few more nights of bedtime meltdowns and now, after two peaceful nights, I can say my boy is back! He's eating(even stopped that in Texas) he's obeying, no tantrums, no whining, and I, once again, love my easy going child. Not that I had stopped but you know what I mean. I'm sure Chris and Jana think I'm lying about how chill Asa really is but "mama" aka Grandma knows the truth and backed me up. Hehehe.

I have lots of stories to share and will try and post them over the next few days. Maybe that will be easier time wise then one long post? So here are a few quick pictures of Asa and Sadie, she's maba aka grandpa and mama aka grandma's puppy. Asa was a bit over whelmed by her "in your face" approach to lovin' and kissing but he warmed up after a few days. I taught him to put his hands up and tell her no. It was cute to see him put both his hands out and sternly say "No, adie, NO!" Uh ya, he still can't say s, p, l, t, and I am sure there's more. He also loved playing ball with her. Only problem was getting the ball FROM her. Then of course Asa's over hand technique really sucks and the ball -being flat not helping any -would only land 2 feet away. Not a big chase for such a lively pup, but then again she was always happy to play!

Pull, Asa Pull!

Maybe if you try to take her mouth off the ball?

If that fails, try some sweet kisses.

Alright Maba, maybe you can help out here.

Hehehe, love this next shot!

This last is a favorite of mine as Sadie finally noticed me and was curious of the camera. I believe that to be the ball in the bottom right corner...LOL.

Don't be deceived by the lack of sunshine in these shots, it was 100+ on this day also...and humid as all get out!


Miss M! said...

That is one good, patient dog! I can't believe how big Asa is getting. Such a cutie!